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The Much-Needed Features To Include In Your Fitness Club Management Software

Whether you own a fitness facility or are planning to open one soon, selecting the right gym management program is essential to ensure streamline and smoothen business operations and optimize customer experiences. And with that in mind, you also have to select the best features that you can make use of to deliver the expected results at all times.

Below are the much-needed features to include in your fitness club management software to guarantee the better fitness service that your present gym clients demand.

Here we go

1. Streamlined Dashboard

The dashboard of your fitness club management software must be a one-stop-shop for anything you need for your gym. And it should be the first place that you will access when looking for a management solution.

A typical dashboard should be:

  • Streamlined design
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to learn
  • Facilitates in the fast learning curve for the employees.

Also, the dashboard of your management software solution should be in the middle of your business operations and management. And it should be the place where you can access everything from the profile of gym members, payment processing, list of class schedules. Etc.

2. Waivers And Digital Contracts

The paperless approach is becoming increasingly popular, that more and more companies from various industries are already adapting this practice. So it also makes sense to choose a gym software solution that allows you to create waivers and digital contracts digitally because your online signups and legal considerations are now streamlined.

3. Auto-Billing

This feature is also very essential as it allows you to keep track of what you are owed, get paid through cash or various online payment channels, and enhanced customer service.

In addition, your fitness club management solution also imposes key payment features like no-show penalties, cost for cancellations, and late fees.

4. Easy Monitoring Of Online Membership Sales And Improved Engagement

As you integrate your gym payment software into your business operations, it should also allow you to link seamlessly with your gym website and boost online presence. To be specific, it can be placed anywhere on your website to allow interested parties to register and sign up any time 24/7.

Likewise, the management platform should also be used for creating discounted classes, attractive online offers, and even trial memberships to entice potential clients from signing up in your gym.

More importantly, the gym management solution should also be compatible with various social media channels so that current and past clients will be able to give their feedback about your gym and also share their progress via FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

5. Other Important Features

Finally, your fitness club management software of choice must also have these other important features:

  • Attendance tracking of both gym members and employees.
  • Real-time reporting to have up -to-date metrics of your business finances and ensure your financial health.
  • Auto scheduling and reservations
  • Text and email management so you can easily acknowledge milestones, member birthdays, anniversaries, and even facilitate customer referrals.