There is nothing more unpleasant than setting up all your remote tools so that Microsoft Teams will not recognize your microphone. Don’t worry about it. This guide lists some important tips to help you solve this problem so that you can continue working with Microsoft Teams as clearly as possible.

With millions of people around the world working remotely at the same time, it’s no wonder that Microsoft Teams is one of the many remote work and video conferencing tools that new users have recently seen.

But it has also led to more and more people facing problems and errors in the service. One of the most common problems was that the Microsoft Team did not recognize the user’s microphones.

Restart Microsoft Teams

Yes. The simple centuries-old “turn off and on again” trick is one of the most effective fixes for Microsoft Teams bug “Your microphone is not working”. Close the application, open it again and try to call / join it.

If restarting the Microsoft Teams application does not solve anything, try these troubleshooting tips.

Update from Microsoft Office settings

  • Run any Microsoft Office application.
  • Click File and select Account.
  • Select Update Options> Update Now.
  • Download any pending updates and reboot your computer after installation is complete.

If Microsoft has made changes to the HiD Skype controls for business, some features, such as microphone access, may not work. Therefore it is recommended to update to the latest available version.

Check the microphone privacy settings

  • Click Start and select Settings.
  • Select the Privacy option.
  • In the left pane, scroll down to the application resolution and click Microphone.
  • Scroll down to Allow Desktop Applications to Access Your Microphone.
  • Enable access to your microphone for Microsoft Teams from the list.
  • Run Microsoft Teams and make sure the client recognizes the microphone.

If the microphone is already on for Microsoft Teams, cancel access. Reboot your computer and turn the microphone back on for Microsoft Teams.

Access to the microphone can be disabled when new updates or Microsoft Teams are installed. Make sure that you have the necessary permission to fix the problem.

Check the audio drivers

A device driver is a group of files that allow one or more hardware devices to interact with your computer’s operating system. If the hardware drivers are damaged, the system will send incorrect data to the devices. This prevents the device from functioning properly. If the correct driver is not installed or updated, the device may not function properly. Audio drivers interact directly with the audio driver devices. If you have problems with sound, microphone, or other audio devices, first check the audio drivers. Perform the following steps to check the audio drivers.

  • Open the start command by pressing Windows + R and typing devmgmt.msc to open the Device Manager.
  • Find the audio, video and game controllers, expand them, right-click the audio driver and type “Update driver”.
  • You can also perform a clean install before uninstalling the audio driver. Go to your PC or laptop manufacturer’s website and download the latest version of the audio driver.

After downloading the audio driver, uninstall the current driver and reinstall the new driver. Reboot the machine once and see if the microphone works in command or not.

Connect the audio device before making a call

For some reason the Teams application sometimes does not recognize the microphone of your audio device when you connect it during a conversation. This may have been due to an error in the Microsoft Teams application.

Many users reported this problem, and it is common among people who use external audio devices (wired and wireless) for group voice and video calls. If you use the built-in microphone of your computer for Microsoft Teams, the problem should not occur.

Fortunately, the solution is quite simple. You need to close/exit the Microsoft Teams application, connect your audio device to your computer using a headphone jack or Bluetooth and finally launch the Microsoft Teams application.

Now you should be able to communicate with other participants using the microphone of your device during the conversation.