The family is the most important structure on the planet. Despite this reality, the family unit is usually overlooked and sometimes abandoned. What can be done to protect this vital structure? How can we maintain and strengthen family ties? How does good family structure contribute to nation building?

Families are the building blocks of societies, therefore, to have better societies, we need to have better families. Having said that, we now need to identify where to start. Well, the best place to start is at the beginning, the parents. Parents play a very important and vital role in family life. Let us examine four things that we can do, that when applied, can significantly improve our family relations.

We need to be good role models for our children. Children are copy cats, so, if we are bad role models, they will copy it, the same is true if are we good role models. Secondly, we need to talk with our children. Lets face it, our children needs to let themselves be heard, by talking to and listening to them, we get to know what is on their minds. Knowing what they are thinking will enable us to give meaningful advice. Third, we need to get involved. The possibility of our children using illegal drugs will be greatly reduced if we get involved in their lives. We can do this by engaging in a number of activities such as, going to a movie, playing both indoor and outdoor games, preparing a meal, and helping with their home work just to name a few. Last we need to set rules. Children are not able to identify danger, so, someone else have to identify their own danger, so, therefore, setting rules is one way to protect our children and they will thank us for it years to come.

It is not difficult to see that good family structures contributes to nation building. Within the family there are prospective doctors, teachers, lawyers, nurses, engineers, and the list goes on, therefore, when we make the effort to develop good family relations, we are actually laying the groundwork for future societies. As parents, let us do everything we can to cultivate good relations within our families.